KFT extends sausage peeling productivity up to 300 meters per minute.


KFT Food Technology, experts in post-stuffing lines, has added to its catalog the ASP-3000, an automatic sausage peeler designed for producers who need a high sausage peeling production with a peeling capacity of 300 meters per minute.

Although KFT already had a high-performance peeler, the ASP-200, which has a production capacity of up to 210 meters/minute, it wanted to complete its portfolio with an even faster sausage peeler for large sausage peeling productions.

With these two automatic sausage peelers, the ASP-200 and the ASP-3000, together with the semi-automatic sausage peeler MSP-3008, a small, practical, functional, efficient and highly productive peeler for small and medium-sized producers who want to automate their production line, KFT now offers all the solutions for all types of sausage peeling productions.

Among the many advantages of all KFT peelers, the main features of all of them are: 

Their excellent cutting quality, without marks and without any aggression on the final processed product.
They have been designed (as all KFT machines) for easy cleaning, with a no-cornered casing tank. 
Excellent reliability and continuity of production, as well as repeatability of cutting quality.