Sausage Peeler ASP-3000

Sausage Peeler ASP3000

General Description Sausage Peeler ASP-3000

The Automatic Sausage Peeler ASP-3000 has been created for producers who require high production in sausage peeling, its productivity is 300 meters/minute. The Sausage Peeler ASP 3000 high capacity is designed to make a longitudinal cut along the length of the covering of the product to be peeled and due to a suction system, the casing is automatically extracted and led to a collection tank attached to the machine.

The Automatic Sausage Peeler ASP-3000 is characterized by:

  • High productivity
  • Great reliability
  • Excellent cut quality (no marks on the final product).
  • Easy to clean, no-cornered casing accumulator.
  • It does not need steam, although it has an optional connector for it.

Technical Details Sausage Peeler ASP-3000

Gallery Sausage Peeler ASP-3000

Features Sausage Peeler ASP-3000

  • High productivity: up to 300 meters / minute
  • Invisibility of the cut in the product.
  • Repeatability of the quality of the cut in the product.
  • No aggression of the processed product.
  • Wide range of diameter and length of the product to be processed.
  • Visualization of the status of the machine by by light signals
  • Security system according to European current regulations, equipped with an anti-entrapment system.
  • System equipped with a high-performance vacuum generator.
  • Zero-aggression multi-profile traction system.
  • Regulation of steam supply.
  • Automatic steam switch-off system in case of no product by sensor
  • Air curtain anti-burns produced by steam

Materials of Construction: 304 and 316L Stainless Steel

  • Control, regulation and pneumatic filtering of the pressure required for each product.
  • Very easy adjustment, regulation, and change of the blades.
  • Hygienic overall design and easy to clean. (Easy-to-clean)
  • New design of the casing accumulator without corners and easy to clean.
  • Equipped with wheels for easy movement.
  • The ASP-3000 sausage peeler can be configured:

         . With steam management.

         . Connected to factory steam supply.

         . With stand-alone vacuum generator or connection link to factory steam supply.

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