KFT Food Technology, since 2015 dedicated to the design, manufacture and sale of industrial equipment for the food industry, is the result of years of experience in the world of industrial engineering and machinery design, especially in the meat sector, focused from its beginnings on R&D, in order to achieve optimum quality in terms of productivity, ergonomics and safety in all our projects.

Thanks to our flexibility, our machinery can be designed and adapted with special attention to the most specific needs within the meat sector.

We are characterized by the partner relationship that we establish with all our clients so that we can resolve all the needs that emerge throughout our business relationship, from the first steps of the design process to the installation and set up in the client factory, without ignoring the advisory and monitoring relationship, of all our projects. Responsibility and commitment are the two fundamental pillars that give meaning to our company.

Combining the know-how from different sectors of the food industry, we are focused on the development of equipment for the segment of injection lines and post-injection processes.

Our projects cover three main areas:


  • Brine and marinade mixers with turbo-agitation technology.
  • High pressure injectors with spray technology.
  • Meat tenderizers.
  • Drying tumbler


  • Fresh and cured sausage cutters-separators.
  • Sausage peelers.


  • Automatic hydro-alcohol dispenser
  • Boot dryer


  • Technological consulting for the food industry.
  • Design and manufacture of prototypes for the food industry.
  • Automation of lines for the food industry.
  • Ergonomic adaptations of existing machinery.

KFT Food Technology is at the same time able to solve existing problems as to implement improvements in the machinery and pre-established processes.