The company KFT Food Technology is the result of years of experience in the world of engineering and design machinery.

Combining the know-how from different sectors of the industry arose our dedicating ourselves to the food sector.

Our portfolio mainly covers the following lines:

  • Marination with spray technology
  • Injection accessories
  • Stuffing accessories
  • Automated lines
  • Hygiene

We are a company dedicated to continuous investment in R&D, KFT Food Technology and offer machines with high added value in terms of technology, productivity and efficiency without forgetting the reliability of traditional machines and always pay special attention to our customers’ needs.

We are characterized by the responsibility and commitment to our customers and that allows us to offer global services withthe capability to face any challenge proposed.

KFT Food Technologies is capable of implementing improvements in machinery and meat processingwhile solving existing problems.

KFT Food Technologies is at the same time able to solve existing problems as to implement improvements in the machinery and pre-established processes.