Sausage Peeler

The ASP-200 peeler is designed to peel hot dogs and sausages.

The ASP-200 is characterized by high productivity, reliability and quality of the final processed product.

The sausage peeler requires no steam, although it has optional connector.


  • High productivity: up 210 meters / minute.
  • Invisible cut in the product.
  • Repeatability of the cutting quality in the product.
  • Any aggression in the processed product.
  • Wide range of diameter and length of the product to be processed.
  • Monitoring and control of machine status by light beacon.
  • Panel speed control for different products.
  • Security system in accordance with current regulations, equipped with anti-entrapment system.
  • Generator system equipped with high efficiency vacuum.
  • Drive system with multi-profile zero aggression.
  • Control and regulation of steam supply.
  • Automatic vapor lock when there is no product.
  • Anti-burnt curtain air produced by steam.
  • Control, regulation and filtering of tire pressure required for each product.


    • Minimal regulation and adjustment to change blade.
    • Easy cleaning and general hygienic design.
    • Redesigned easy-cleanaccumulator casing without corners.
    • Equipped with wheels for easy movement.
    • ASP-200 Sausage Peeler maybe configured:

               · With steam management.

               · With connection to factory steam supply.

               · With self-contained vacuum generator or link connection to factory steam supply.

    Building materials: 304 and 316L stainless steel.