Sausage Cutter/Separator SC500

SC-500 Sausage Cutter

SC-500 Sausage Cutter General Description

The SC-500 Sausage Cutter is for small and medium producers who want to automate their fresh and cured sausage processing line.

The SC-500 Sausage Cutter with automatic traction is designed to make a cut in the union of the product and separate the sausages autonomously as the product advances continuously through the traction rail.



  • Fresh of any length and diameters (Ø) between 8-40mm.
  • Curated of any length and diameters (Ø) between 8-40mm.
  • Mini-Sausages "snack" / "cocktail".

SC-500 Sausage Cutter Technical details

SC-500 Sausage Cutter Photo Gallery

SC-500 Sausage Cutter Advantatge

High productivity: up to 700 cuts per minute.

Programmable speed adjustment.

Soft start at slow speed to avoid damaging fragile products.

Possibility to cut products individually or in packs of two, three, four or more units.

• Designed under strict hygienic criteria and to make adjustments as simple as possible.

Easy to transport because his minimum weight.

• Due to his small size, it adapts to any work area.

• Intuitive touch screen operation similar like a smartphone.