Sausage Cutter/Separator ASC1809

The sausage cutter/separator ASC-1809 is designed to separate sausages with high productivity and reliability requirements. Using servo technology and laser measurement, we may separate any type of sausage.



  • Cutting capacity up to 1.500 cuts per minnute.
  • Cutting and portioning function.
  • Effective sausage knot recognition, two readings, infeed and outfeed knot.
  • From 2 mm knot lenght.
  • Range of sausage adjustment: 8 - 45 mm.
  • Viewing of machine status by light beacon.
  • Ergonomic infeed and outfeed heights.
  • Constant cutting results, programmable product and machine parameters.
  • Touch screen for easy interaction between the operator and machine.
  • Cutting of double clipped and tied products.
  • Cutting and portionning function.
  • Capacity to cut a definite distance for products without knot.
  • Soft starter for fragile casings.
  • Security system in accordance with current regulations, equipped with anti-entrapment system.
  • High-performance cutting technology.
  • Equipped with wheels for easy movement.
  • Easy clean and general hygienic design.

Materials: 304 and 316LStainless steel