High pressure injector (Hydraulics)

The IRC spray injector created by KFT Food Technology is designed for the meat industry which requires strong reliability and high production; with excellent and unbeatable results in the processed product.


  • High productivity: up to 10,500 kg / h.
  • Uniform distribution and invisibility injection into the product.
  • Spray injection technology, offers perfect distribution and homogeneity of the brine in the injected / marinated product.
  • The machine’s versatility allows us to work with different types of products; with or without bone, all kinds of meat even different types of fish and cephalopods.
  • Enhances the flavor, improves texture and provides the nutrients for the flagship product.
  • The high pressure injection allows us to work in ranges from 2 bar up to 12 bar, depending the type of needle, and volume of product to be injected.
  • Monitoring status by light beacon.
  • Poly-color touch panel for total interaction between the machine and the operator. Which allows recipe management, alarm, easy-maintenance, adjustment for injecting and transporting.
  • Security system in accordance with current regulations, equipped with an anti-entrapment system.
  • Injection system is provided with a hydraulic system, expressly created with technologically advanced elements in the current market.
  • Remote support system in case of failure in order to solve a problem effectively.
  • Hygienic traction system.
  • Supply control and regulation of injection.
  • Anti-spatter screen.
  • Filtering of solid particles in the brine tank.
  • Easy-change needles: Minimum effort for changing needles.
  • Hygienic and easy-clean general design.
  • Redesigned collection of excess/remaining brine where it is filtered in an autonomous station; and reuses all the solution injected.
  • Optimal beyor load height for comfortable work position.
  • Constructed with the utmost rigor, down to the smallest detail using high quality material.
  • Automatic cover elevation for easy cleaning.
  • Internal self-cleaning program.
  • Monitoring system to ensure that there is no air in the brine in order to obtain final product quality.
  • The IRC injector spray may be configured:

             · With discharge belt

             · With direct connection to the tumbler.

             · Line brine preparation, automated injection and draining.

             · Multi-head.

             · Incorporation of saber tenderizors.

             · Self-regulation of injection percentage.

Building materials: 304 and 316Lstainless steel