The TDR tenderizer is designed for controlled ripping of the product we want in order to meet productivity, reliability and product quality requirements.





  • High productivity tenderizer.
  • Multiprocessing.
  • Excellent tenderization for better brine absorption and improvement of meat texture.
  • Construction of the blades to customer's requirements with the aim of obtaining tear and penetration adaptable to different types of meat. Possibility of simple marking or aggressive tearing.
  • Viewing of machine status by light beacon.
  • Security system in accordance with current regulations, equipped with anti-entrapment system.
  • Minimal regulation and adjustment to change blade.
  • Regulation at just-one-point, avoiding losing the parallelism between axes.
  • Easy cleaning and general hygienic design.
  • Equipped with wheels for easy movement.
  • TDR tenderizer maybe configured with the following options:

           · 2 axis tenderizing.

           · 4 axis tenderization in order to complete in one pass.

          · Horizontal tenderization where input and output of the product is left in the horizontal plane.

          · Variable speed.

          · Automatic Regulation of the rollers.

          · Compensation pneumatic axes.

Building materials: 304 and 316Lstainless steel.

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