Maceration Tumbler

 The maceration tumbler is designed and manufactured by KFT Food Technology, to optimize and finish the injection string adding great value in terms of quality of the product injected.


  • The post-injection, massage allows us to reach higher percentages with the injection compared with a simple injection with internal homogenization when it comes to low degrees of injection.
  • With the different variants offered by, KFT Food Technology, we can accelerate the massage process and maintainfull control in real time. This is achieved with the use of vacuum during the parameterization process, which is fully configurable by the user.
  • As in most products from KFT Food Technology designs, we offer the possibility of connection to the production control system; thus obtaining full control and traceability.
  • The main functions performed are

    · Absorption of brine expelled for the product immediately after the injection.

    ·  Closure of the pores produced by the injection needles.

    ·  Homogenization of injectate; resulting in a final product with excellent quality, both visually and in texture.

Building materials: 304 and 316L stainless steel.