We move to Besalú


We have moved to larger factory due to the growth of KFT Food Technology.

KFT Food Technology follows the growing trend of each year and has increased its production, turnover and staff again since its foundation. This has been happening year after year.

Even this past 2020, despite how complicated it has been since the last March with the appearance of the Coronavirus, expanding worldwide and stopping the global economy. Althought this inconvenience, there are sectors, such as food and consequently ours, the manufacture of food machinery, that have not been so affected.

With the competitive advantage that KFT Food Technology has, being a company with a high capacity for adaptation and flexibility, we have adjusted more than well to the challenge posed by adverse circumstances.

For this reason, we have left the Cornellà de Terri factory to move to a larger factory, a short distance away, in the town of Besalú in order to face the challenges that we have in store in the short and medium term.