Why KFT?

KFT Food Technology CEO has already over 15 years of experience in engineering issues. More than 10 years in food machinery.

Continuing with the same point, the philosophy of our CEO and KFT FOOD TECHNOLOGY is to take special care in the selection of the components, designs and finishes are of a high standard: First Quality Brands

KFT Food Technology is located in the Girona region. This area is one of the most important in the world producing Food Machinery. KFT Food Technology is involved in this synergy. 

KFT Food Technology is much more flexible and can adapt much more to the customers' needs than other bigger companies.

KFT Food Technology develops customised and very detailed products more focused on the needs of their clients than other bigger companies in the ones that you  just can “take it or leave it”. 

KFT Food Technology can help you to achieve some of your goals by building a long term relationship in which KFT Food Technology is a valuable resource for you and your customers, now and in the future.

KFT Food Technology invests a big amount of its profits on R+D (Research and Development). Since 2014, every year we have improved all the models of machines that we have developed. We know that R+D is the key to don’t miss the boat in this industry.

KFT Food Technology is so sure about its machines that we can safely extend the warranty for another year more without any problems at all. Because when a machine comes out of the factory, it comes out fully checked, tested and re-tested.

KFT Food Technology prices are not cheap or expensive. KFT Food Technology prices are the fair ones which make everybody WIN-WIN: Client, Distributor &  KFT Food Technology. 

KFT Food Technology sells something more than a machine, we sell a process. Plugging the machine can be (relatively) easy. To know how to adjust it well and when and / or why it fails is another matter ... We take special care of this. 

Because our  “value for money” is really high because we are young and we have a lot of energy and capacity for innovation.

And yes, we are certainly young, which means that the future is ours… Hopefully we can work together!